I have done 4 sessions with Doina. I came to her struggling with sleep, an eye infection, pains in my body, and overall feeling tired of feeling like there is always something wrong with me. At 26 I want to make sure I’m not accepting declining health, instead taking it in to my own hands after many failed hospital and GP appointments. Whilst seeing Doina I have been able to sort through some childhood traumas and begin healing in my body by starting with healing in my mind. I feel much more optimistic, calmer, grounded which has helped with my sleep a lot. I have learned a lot about the power that is within my body. I have learned how everything is connected in a way that can come together for my healing on every level which has also helped with relationships with others and myself.

-   Nwaka


Doina has been amazing in helping me in my journey on recovering from past relationship barriers. I started working with Doina in May 2022 and 1 year later to the day I had a wonderful boyfriend in a healthy relationship and I could continue healing. I put my relationship now fully down to Doina helping me and I will forever appreciate that!

-  Kitty


In just over 2 years that I’ve worked with Doina, she’s been able to alleviate the ailments that I initially came to her with and inspire me to take on Reiki healer training, something I wouldn’t have considered at all prior to healing, but an element now that has become very important to me

-  Lucy


I came to see Doina during a very stressful time, I was struggling with anxiety and eczema and was hoping for some relief. The sessions with Doina were extremely relaxing and brought me some peace during a chaotic time. It was very interesting to see  what came up during the sessions and the effects it had on me afterwards.
I really enjoyed the experience and could feel the benefits.
Doina provided a warm and comfortable space for me, she was very kind, helpful and professional and you can tell she puts a lot into her work.

-   Mehak


I had 3 sessions with Doina, after which I felt more peaceful and slept better.

The treatment had a deep effect on all levels, made me feel more refreshed, and improved my physical balance.

-   Mirja


During my distant healing session with Doina, I felt like I was in a kind of a light trance - I could move but I somehow did not want to. My left and right sides (rather my perception of the aura) were changing quite a lot during the session.

I had a sensation of a dim light all the time during the session which became brighter and lighter for the body which felt filled with joy during the last part of the session.  

At the end of the session, although I felt a bit tired, physically I felt much better, with no more muscle tensions.

-    Anna


Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for Doina!

She has been an integral part of my healing journey after a really turbulent time on both physical, mental and soul level. Her approach is warm (literally) and really intuitive. I felt like I’ve always known her right after our greeting in her treatment room. She has held my hand and head up high during a truly challenging period of my life and her loving help has seen me through.

Our sessions have always been a mixture of talk and active energy work and every single time I’ve left re-charged, literally. Yes, she can do that! I would go in completely depleted with barely any energy to function and leave filled with strong life energy and hope for the future.

I remember going in and telling her, “Doina can you please just raise my vibration, I’m really down” and she would do it. She has also always been there over the phone or chat and has checked up on me, which really shows how much she actually cares.

Doina is a Lightworker and I have no doubt about that! She has made me really believe that such incredible and gifted people are amongst us and here to help!

I would wholeheartedly recommend working with her to anyone lucky enough to cross paths with her. 

-  Lilia


Doina is an extraordinary therapist and healer and I cannot thank her enough for all her wisdom and guidance . She has been helping me with my journey to heal my cancer, recently diagnosed , and we have been delving into all areas of the mind body and soul so the healing is leaving no stone unturned. I have always known that I have carried a lot of trauma, limiting beliefs and had changes to make that I was avoiding . I now feel properly empowered to tackle these without fear . I’m not sure how I would have got through the challenges of these first 2 months without Doina’s support , wisdom and the tools that she has given me to help myself . It has kept me strong , positive and kept the fear and anxiety well at bay. I feel very blessed to have found Doina , she’s a very gifted and brilliant therapist . I would not hesitate to recommend her .

- Chrissy


Doina is an exceptional Energy Healer. Her patience, wisdom, and guidance have made a profound impact on my life journey. I look forward to working with Doina further as she has now become an essential part of my holistic wellness regimen. Like a personal trainer to physical health, and a therapist to mental health, Doina’s energy healing practices are directed at soul health. Her practices help strengthen channelling source energy and heal your core energies. I can not thank her enough for working with me.
- Anthony


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