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In-person sessions are held at 27 Finsbury Circus EC2M 7AB

just minutes away from the Liverpool Street Station. 

The types of sessions offered are listed lower on this page.



Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom/Phone Session Fees:



                                                                              60 mins  £90


                                                                               90 mins £125


                                                                                      2h £150

Couple Healing                   2h £200             

In-person session types and fees:



Only taken in conjunction with a healing session.
30-40mins £45


Reiki Plus

Classical Reiki session with Chakra Balancing.
90mins £130


Two powerful healing therapies, Reiki and Hypnosis, are combined. 

In a hypnotic state of deep relaxation, life changing suggestions and imageries are communicated to the receiver's subconscious 

for beautiful, deep life-changing transformations and a positive, constructive approach towards life,

while Reiki helps rebalance the body's natural energy flow by dissolving energy blocks. 

Infused with powerful, impactful visualisations.

Allow your subconscious to take you to the best version of yourself, while enjoying the soothing, tranquil and intelligent power of Reiki.

2h £200

Intuitive Healing

Intuition and intention are used together with highly effective energy healing modalities for 

a boost of health, awareness, inner clarity and calmness: 

90mins £130

Transformative Deep Healing Program

10 Individualised 2h Deep Healing Sessions

Includes: Intuitive Reiki Healing, Hypno-Reiki & Coaching

Prior 1h phone consultation included

20h £1350

Please ask for more details: info@energyhealinginlondon or +44 7591 58 3767

Dialog Reiki

A deeply harmonizing conversational Reiki session with Chakra balancing ending. 

If prior, during or after Energy Healing sessions you feel the need to talk or ask questions, Dialog Reiki is for you. 

90mins £130

Family Healing

Flourish both as an individual and as a family unit.
The incredible effect of Reiki can be amplified when all family members are involved. The session starts with each individual receiving a healing session, after which the whole family gathers for a joyful sharing and processing of the experience. Through fun and easy to apply modalities old hurts are healed and family bonds are refreshed for a powerful and harmonious growth as a family unit. 

Babies and children of any age are warmly welcome. 

2h £230

Couple Healing

 Bring your relationship to a whole new level. After each individual receives a powerful healing session, you are invited to try out together a set of gentle, highly effective energy work modalities that will help strengthen and heal the relationship, reconnecting you on a deeper, more nourishing level with your significant other.  

2h £230

Instructive Reiki Healing

Do you wish to have a healing session while being introduced to a couple of self-healing practices as well?
After one hour of tranquil Intuitive Reiki Healing, you will be presented and attuned to a set of individualized self-healing exercises you can use after the session to support your healing. 

2h £ 230

Distance Healing

Healing energy that is sent across time and space is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. 

1h  £90

Pain Management with Hypnotic Reiki

Allow your subconscious to take you to the best version of yourself, while enjoying the soothing, tranquil and intelligent power of Reiki.

90mins  £160

Pain Management with Dialog Reiki

An engaging and very effective way to deal with the pain, with active involvement from the client. 

It can help reach deep insights into the root cause of your ailment.  

 90mins £160

Home treatments in Central London  

Please call 07591 583767 or use the contact form below if you want to book a session in the comfort of your home.

Personalised Intensive Deep Healing Session

Personalised, transformative, intensive 4h in-person session, which entails 

intuitive coaching, intuitive healing with re-alignment, removal of energy blocks

Hypno-Reiki mini session, and chakra balancing.

During a prior phone consultation an individualized and effective plan is designed according to which the healing session will unfold.

4h in-person session + 1h phone consultation + 1h follow-up via Zoom or phone £600