What is Energy Healing?


You are stronger than you know, braver than you think and more loved than you can imagine.

Optimal health is much more than just the absence of illness. It is a state in which body, mind and soul are working together in great harmony, giving us a good physical feeling, as well as clarity, vitality and a vibrant joy of being alive.

Recognised and supported countless times by scientific research, the Energy Healing modalities help us return to a state of optimal balance on all levels, bringing us closer to ourselves, to our soul, opening our eyes and hearts to what is really essential in life, revealing our uniqueness and the incredible potential in us.

These gentle yet powerful modalities address the root- causes of any physical and emotional imbalance and do not only aim to eliminate the symptoms.

The resulting healing is not only limited to our bodies. It also extends to our entire life situation, leading to an accelerated life progress, improving relationships, careers and healing our past. Knowing and understanding energy work makes us navigate through life effortlessly, joyfully, with high confidence, always acting from a place of empowerment, wisdom, abundance and clarity. 

Energy Healing refers to gentle, yet effective holistic modalities of healing that view the body, mind and soul as interdependent systems. These techniques activate and accelerate the body’s own natural healing ability and trigger deep processes of inner transformation by dissolving energy blocks and harmonising the energy flow through the body.

In the fast-paced world of today, we face many obstacles in maintaining the quality of true health. Being often conditioned to feel we are never enough in all areas of our life, we often feel we have too much to do and too little time, which leads to stress, to feelings of being exhausted and potentially to illness. Research has shown that the cause of a substantial amount of people seeking medical attention is stress-related.

The greatness of Energy Healing is due to its holistic approach. Through a transfer of life energy in an intensive form and an exchange of light and information, it intelligently aims at eliminating the cause of any imbalance, restoring a state of natural balance. Once the cause is taken care of, the symptoms do no longer serve a purpose and disappear on their own. 

The Energy Healing sessions are completely safe, non-invasive, have no side effects and adjust to the needs of the receiver.

Everybody can beneficiate from them: babies, toddlers, children, pregnant women, elderly, people with terminal illnesses and even plants or pets.


The Benefits of Energy Healing

Regardless of your current state of health, an Energy Healing session offers deep relaxation and generates great feelings of well-being. When you are healthy, an energetic session will help maintain good health, emotional balance, amplify mental clarity, physical endurance and personal development. If you are experiencing health challenges, the energy healing can support your conventional medical treatment by activating and accelerating your body’s own healing mechanisms.

On the physical level the energy healing session helps

  • maintain good health
  • promote deep relaxation
  • minimize feelings of fatigue
  • increase the feelings of well-being
  • strengthen the immune system, preventing illness
  • activate your body’s own healing mechanisms
  • alleviate pain and discomfort
  • speeding up recovery from surgery or long-term illness
  • encourage blood flow
  • encourage detoxification processes in the body


On the emotional level it helps

  • induce relaxation
  • strengthen inner confidence
  • increase the joy of living
  • increase awareness
  • harmonise and promote inner balance
  • gently release energy blocks
  • increase qualities of love and compassion

Energy healing is beneficial for the mind by

  • increasing mental clarity and intuition
  • supporting creativity
  • helping processes of stress management
  • improving the ability to learn
  • helping recognize and manage the unconscious causes for illnesses
  • helping recognize and release negative thinking patterns

Even a short energy healing session helps reduce stress, offering strength and clarity for the rest of the day.

At the spiritual level, the Energy Healing sessions promote the experience of self-discovery, inner transformation and can lead to higher levels of consciousness and personal development.

Used together with meditation, Energy Healing represents a powerful spiritual tool.

You are not a body who has a soul. You are a soul who has a body.


Energy Healing For Babies And Children

Babies and children are truly energy sponges due to their openness and high intuition.

Energy healing can help your child be more relaxed and balanced, and to process possible traumatic birth experiences. It helps reduce anxiety, fear, aggression, sleeping problems or hyperactivity.

Children feel intuitively what is good for them and gladly come to receive healing energy. 

During a session with a baby, (s)he will be cuddling in her/his parents arms. It is possible to feed the baby during the session and it is also fine if the baby sleeps during the treatment.

Energy Healing in Pregnancy

Regardless of how far your pregnancy is, whether before delivery or right in the beginning, Energy Healing is a wonderful tool in supporting the pregnancy, being always effective for you and your baby.

One can experience the pregnancy at a whole new level, more relaxed and with fewer complaints, as regular sessions help manage the physical and psychical changes related to pregnancy.

Beside activating and accelerating the body’s own healing mechanisms, the sessions offer the possibility of deep physical and emotional relaxation.

It helps alleviate complains like anxiety, fear of giving birth, nausea, backaches or sleeping problems.

The Energy Healing sessions have no negative side effects and support effectively the medical treatment and the midwife advices.

They also help the mother bond deeply with her baby.


A great shift has happened in the consciousness of the humanity during the last decades.

A shift due to which Energy Healing has become more and more a part of our life, a part of who we are.

Still unable to explain everything, Science and Quantum Physics have made considerable progress in helping to quench our mind's thirst for explanations regarding frequently occurring healing phenomena we could no longer deny, phenomena beyond human logic.

At the same time, an unprecedented, always increasing awareness and trust in the human potential have emerged, nourishing our intuition and making us more certain of our greatness, of the amazing healing gift we all carry within.

Like never before, Energy Healing is looked upon as a natural process, and through our stronger growing connection to the universal intelligence, increasingly more in our grasp.

Putting our ego aside, allowing ourselves to simply relax with a calm awareness in our being, trigger processes of great compassion, unconditional love and bliss, opening doors to worlds and powers we could not have imagined existed.