Doina’s life passion comprises Energy Healing, Consciousness Engineering and Hypnosis as a way to achieve holistic health and raise human consciousness.

Being born an empath and growing up in a family of doctors, Doina was aware from a very young age of the limitations the conventional medicine approach had, lacking a deeper overview of the individual affected by the illness and most of the times ignoring the root cause of the illness. In addition, her discovery through early age experience that pure energy can heal in the most concrete, non-abstract, non-religious way fascinated and intrigued her. She had to research it further, to dive deeper into the newly discovered dimension of life and share the experience with others.

Having experienced, studied and applied a wide spectrum of Energy Healing modalities, Meditation and Hypnosis, Doina became aware that we all have a tremendous inner power that can be used to achieve inner peace and happiness, but also to heal ourselves and others.

Doina's methods and teachings do not exclude the scientific approach. Having a Master of Science Degree as well, she believes that science and spirituality do not need to be exclusive of each other, but can be successfully combined to reach new heights in the awakening of the full human potential.

Once we discover our true nature and our magnificent potential, there is no limit to our well-being and health and sharing it with others becomes part of who we are.

Doina looks forward to a future in which everybody can easily use Energy Healing to improve the quality of their health and life.

She is happy to use modern, innovative and effective methods, combining various Energy Healing techniques with Hypnotherapy as well, thus helping people heal themselves, improve their well-being, become aware of their power within and live a healthy, vibrant life.

Because I always have a choice, I choose love.   - Deepak Chopra

Doina Partanen

Energy Healing and Hypnosis Therapist

Reiki Master - Teacher