10-Week Intensive One-On-One Transformational Deep Healing Program

Not just a gain of knowledge, but a genuine body-mind-soul transformation, positively affecting all areas of your life. 

Become the best version of who you are meant to be.

Investment: £2020

From having a vibrant physical health and a clear, balanced mind, to thriving in your professional life and enjoying nourishing relationships in which you can grow - all this is possible and more. Life can become a beautiful play, a blissful experience. 

The program contains a powerful blend of intensive Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy sessions, visualisations, teachings, transmissions and practical exercises for highly committed individuals interested in deep healing and inner-growth.

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Blissful Relationships

10-Week Program 

A transformational program focused on healing past hurts, nourishing self-acceptance and self-love, and raising your vibration to attract the ideal love relationship: a space of non-ending growth for both, as individuals and as a couple.

Investment: £2020

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Corporate Energy Healing/Reiki Sessions  

Help prevent burnouts, worries or apathy at work, enhancing clarity, creativity and productivity, promoting calmness and inner balance.

Individual or package office visits in Central London to provide Energy Healing/Reiki/Hypno-Reiki/Mediation Guidance corporate sessions for a clearer focus, elevated performance and higher productivity

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The Secret within You: Wonders of Energy Healing for Optimal Health and Abundance (Level 1, 2 and 3)

Intense, one-on-one healing seminar taking you through the most important aspects of the Energy Healing modalities and how to apply them in your every day life.

Infused with transmissions, activations, and plenty of practical exercises.

Duration: 12 hours (can be taken as 3 or 4- weeks training) 

Price: Level 1 £1000, Level 2 £1100, Level 3  £1200

Some of the topics:

- The reality and definition of healing

- The science behind Energy Healing methods
- Becoming a channel and a catalyst for healing: what it takes. The number 3 essential prerequisites.
- Experiencing and moving energy – fun and efficient ways
- Powerful modalities to increase our energetic level and healing potential

- Clearing the energy field

- Guided meditation with transmission

- Addressing the subconscious mind for removing self-limiting beliefs

- The healing state of presence: rooted in the NOW
- Opening and balancing energy centers/chakras
- Highly effective modalities of energy healing
- Self-healing. Healing the Past. Ancestral Healing
- Distance Healing and Science. Two powerful ways of Distance Healing. Working on holograms.
- Healing every aspect of our lives using energy: clear communication, enlightened relationships and successful careers
- Manifesting wealth and abundance with energy work. The spiritually and science of abundance

Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master&Teacher Level Seminars

All Reiki attunements are accomplished in person on one-to-one basis.

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Distant Healing Advanced Seminar

Two-day one-on-one seminar for experienced healers who wish to deepen their understanding and acquire new insights into the incredible world of of Distant Healing, as well as gain more confidence in its miraculous and impactful application.

After elaborating on the science behind Distant Healing with research references, ten powerful methods of Distant Healing will be presented and practiced.

Free Distant Healing session after the first seminar day included.

Fee: £990


The next Group Distance Healing Session will take place on December 15th 2023 at 8:40 - 9:40pm GMT+1. 
Tune into a beautiful, tranquil and deeply transforming experience.

Please use the contact form below if you want to participate. 

Everybody is warmly welcome!

Sliding scale fee: £1- £25