Stop Smoking with Hypno-Reiki

Energy Healing with Hypnotherapy

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you will ever do for your health.

Did you know that just 30 minutes after quitting smoking, your pulse rate will be starting to return to normal?

After just 8 hours, your oxygen levels are recovering, and the harmful carbon monoxide level in your blood will have reduced by half.


After 72 hours breathing feels easier as your bronchial tubes have started to relax, and your energy levels are increasing.

After 10 weeks the blood will be pumping through to your heart and muscles much better because your circulation will have improved.

After 1 year, your risk of heart attack will have halved compared to a smoker's.

For the majority of smokers, smoking starts at a young age through a conscious decision, but after a while it becomes just another addictive habit. 

This habit is hard to break by willpower alone, because it has become deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. So you begin to associate smoking with certain activities and to adopt it as a part of who you are. 

As soon as this happens, the choice to smoke is no longer within your conscious control and therefore, deciding to give up it is extremely difficult.


Remember that there was a time when you were a healthy non-smoker who could engage in any activity and any situation, without even the slightest thought about cigarettes. 

You can return to this place of optimal physical and emotional health, where cigarettes no longer consume your life.

Hypno-Reiki combines two powerful therapies: Reiki and Hypnotherapy.


If you are committed to quit smoking, and you are open and receptive to the idea of hypnosis, Hypno-Reiki could be a very effective way for you to find freedom from your habit.

After an initial consultation, a uniquely structured session will be created, using the information and background you provided.


Through the Energy Healing part of the session a safe, highly vibrational healing space is created, where energy blocks and emotional debris associated with the idea of smoking are dissolved for a harmonious flow of energy and a deep emotional healing.

During the Hypnotherapy segment of the session your subconscious mind is given powerful suggestions and new, healthy, empowering, life-changing beliefs are created for an increased ability to enjoy a healthy, fulfilling, smoke-free life, regardless of what is happening around you.


Individual sessions: 2h £220
Package of 3 sessions 2h - bookable in advance: £630
Follow-up after each session is included


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