Pain Management with Hypno-Reiki

When ongoing and uncontrolled, pain has a detrimental effect on every life aspect. Not only does it undermine well-being and interfere with functional capacity. It also hinders the ability to fulfill family and social roles and can cause high levels of anxiety and emotional distress.

Hypno-Reiki combines two powerful healing therapies, Hypnosis and Reiki.

In a hypnotic state of deep relaxation, life-changing suggestions and imageries are communicated to the receiver's subconscious
for beautiful, deep life-changing transformations, while Reiki helps rebalance the natural energy flow of the body by dissolving energy blocks.

Allow your subconscious to take you to the best version of yourself while enjoying the soothing, tranquil, and intelligent power of Reiki.

Infused with powerful, impactful visualisations.

In-person session: 2h £200
Zoom session: 2h £150


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