Open To Love

Love is one of the greatest healing forces in the Universe.

Far too often we close our hearts after experiencing being hurt, failing to realise the healing quality of the amazing energy love carries.


There is a specific way to stay open, to radiate love, to let love in and be nourished by it, and at the same time stay protected against the so-called unfavourable energies.


We are only truly ready for healthy relationships with everyone in our lives when we have learned to deeply forgive, accept and love ourselves


The Hypno-Reiki Open To Love session also includes Intuitive Deep Healing, Chakra Balancing with emphasis on Heart Chakra, and individualised imagery work.

In-person: 2h £220  or Package of 3 x 2h: £630

Via Zoom: 2h  £165 or Package of 3 x 2h: £465

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