Intuitive Reiki Healing With Coaching For Pre-Teens And Teenagers

2h sessions, a package of 5 sessions, or  a 10-week program

Reiki can help teenagers enormously regain their happiness and wellbeing, providing relief for so many of the strains that they go through such as:

• Low self-esteem and confidence
• Emotions such as feeling angry, sad, or lonely
• Feeling shy, nervous, or anxious
• Dealing with the feelings of not being understood, or not being able to communicate properly
• Period pains and hormones
• Peer pressure or the pressure of large amounts of work
• Bullying or people being unkind
• Relationship issues

The sessions also include specific individualised tools that can be used in between sessions to boost well-being.

In-person session: 2h £190
Package of 5 sessions: £950

Can be taken as a 10-week program

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Intuitive Reiki Healing With Coaching For Pre-Teens or Teenagers

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