Healing the Mother Wound

Hypno-Reiki session 2h or package of 3 sessions 

Mothers form the very foundation of our emotional and psychological growth, molding us through their interactions with us during childhood.

They influence us throughout our entire life through our deeply ingrained perceptions of life and through our feelings towards ourselves and other people.

Although our mothers may have tried their best to take care of us, our relationships with them may have been intermixed with undertones of obligation, guilt, or shame.


The unresolved resentments, feelings of disappointment, unfulfilled expectations and deep pain are often carried along into our adult lives and originate in unhealed core wounds that are passed on from generation to generation.

Healing the mother wound within us transforms our life profoundly, as we become better capable of setting boundaries, building healthier relationships, reconnecting with our confidence, with a healthy self-worth and empathy for others, and trust life more.

In-person: 2h £220 or Package of 3 x 2h: £630

Via Zoom: 2h £165 or Package of 3 x 2h: £465


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