Free from Toxic Bonds with Energy Healing

Hypno-Reiki session

The ideal purpose of a relationship is to nourish the inner feeling of empowerment in both partners.

If you feel disempowered by your connection to someone, the bond you have with them is toxic for you.

In this case, you need to free yourself from all unhealthy attachments and mind patterns that make you lose your power in the relationship.  

One common root of a toxic bond is being raised by parents who had a toxic tie to one another and absorbing an unhealthy pattern that we unconsciously continue to perpetuate.

However a toxic bond might also be a result of another person having the insight into you and the necessary skill to intentionally project exactly the type of image that incites one of your deepest longings or wounds, for the purpose of keeping you under their control and feeding on your energy.

Our liberation begins when we recognize that the other person cannot have power over us without our permission. The cause of our disempowerment resides in the end in our own unbalanced feeling of attachment to them.

In dissolving toxic bonds, we are not only breaking the generational chain of hurtful relationships and changing our present for a brighter future, but also supporting our children in developing healthy relationship patterns in their adulthood.

Apart from benefiting from a safe, highly vibrational space where energy blocks are dissipated, and healing and rebalancing can happen, during the hypnotherapeutic part of the session the subconscious is given powerful suggestions, and new, healthy, empowering, life-changing beliefs are created.

Individual sessions: 2h £220

Package of 3 sessions 2h each bookable in advance:  £630

Can be also taken as a 5-week program.

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