Free From Insomnia

Hypno-Reiki Session 2h  or package of 3 sessions

A healthy sleep plays a vital role in your body’s ability to heal and repair. Not only does sleep allow your body the time it needs to rest, repair and rebuild, but it does the same for your mind too.

A Hypno-Reiki session combines two powerful healing therapies, Hypnosis and Reiki, and can effectively be applied in combating insomnia.

In a hypnotic state of deep relaxation, life-changing suggestions and imageries are communicated to the receiver's subconscious, for beautiful, deep life-changing transformations and replacement of limiting beliefs, while Reiki helps rebalance the natural energy flow of the body by dissolving energy blocks.

Allow your subconscious to take you to a calmer, healthier, happier version of yourself while enjoying the healing power of Reiki.

In-person session: 2h £200 or package of 3 sessions £570
Zoom session: 2h £150 or package of 3 sessions £450

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