You Are Always Winning

When things don’t turn out

the way you want them to,

it is because the Universe

has greater plans for you.

Remain calm and present.

You are on your way to something glorious.

Regardless of whether your wishes are fulfilled or not, of whether something happens or not in your life, remember you are always winning.

There is a hidden value in each and every scenario.

Whereas it may feel good to have an immediate gratification of our wishes, our greatest evolution, and inner growth happen in fact at the fastest rate when we do not get what we want.

As long as we do not judge the situation as bad, it is precisely then when are gifted with precious moments of introspection and inner silence, with the golden opportunity to reconnect with our higher self, to redefine ourselves, to become aware of the greater picture.

As long as we stay present, it is in those moments of not getting what we want that we grow most in wisdom, compassion, understanding. We reach higher vibrational frequencies that prepare us for something better, greater, more in sync with who we are.