Trusting Divine Order: The 7th Energy Center

The Crown Chakra, also named Sahasrara and located at the top of the head, is the highest
chakra of the seven major chakras within your physical body.

Connected to your higher consciousness, your true self - the eternal part of you that is beyond ego, the crown chakra represents true understanding of Oneness, what each of us instinctively seeks.

A center of trust, happiness, positivity, and inspiration, opening this chakra is believed to be the last step to enlightenment.  Anatomically it corresponds to the pineal gland.

Paying attention and nourishing your crown chakra causes you to become increasingly aware of consciousness itself, which in turn brings harmony and peace to your life.
It is through this process that the illusion of separateness dissipates, leading to an experience of Oneness, a state of Unity-consciousness.

A person with a balanced crown chakra is in a nourishing state of unconditional love for life and has deep empathy for others as well as a deep connection to the divine. Being aware of the reason for incarnating here in your body, you live with great meaning and clarity regarding your divine purpose.  Meditation and mindfulness become part of your nature and spiritual insight comes easily.

A blocked 7th chakra is blocked can manifest in the form of excess worry, headaches, fatigue, boredom, frustration, lack of purpose, feeling of abandonment, disconnection from a previously felt higher power and depression, and also greediness or materialism.

How to balance the Crown Chakra?

Balancing the 7th Chakra involves realising attachment to the ego.

1. Meditate. Taking long deep breaths, visualise a golden, soothing light on top of your head, increasing its size with each exhale. Keep the image for 5-10 minutes.
2. Helping others gives a feeling of unity and compassion, of feeling connected with life.
3. Pay attention to what inspires you and try to integrate something inspiring into each day.
4. Offer a current challenge to the universe. Trust that the right solution will come from a higher intelligence.
5. Use Crown Chakra affirmations such as ‘I let go and trust’, ‘I am an open and expanded being’, ‘I am connected to the Divine Source’.
6. Spend time in nature, enjoying plenty of sunshine. If you live near mountains, practice hiking to higher places that offer you beautiful views. Feel the immense space in you as you glance upon the stunning panoramic sceneries.

Stay connected and feel loved.