I Am Enough: The Sacral Energy Center Swadhishthana

The second energy center, called Swadhishthana, is located below the navel, above the pubic bone.

Associated with a vibrant orange hue, this energy center influences our emotional identity, sexuality, creativity and desire, allowing us to experience life through the lens of our sensations and emotions.

When we have an open, balanced sacral energy center, we joyfully use our creative energy – whether it is through drawing, writing, singing, cooking, painting, gardening, procreating, or even finding a new solution to an old problem, leading to feelings of pleasure, wellness and abundance.

A balanced sacral chakra also allows us the courage and freedom to trust others and get truly intimate.

The greatest challenge facing this chakra is conditioning from society. By simply noticing and moving past these societal fear-based pressures and limitations, we open ourselves to true creative expression, deep self-love for our minds and bodies, and a life rooted in love, trust, and wholeness.

Signs of an imbalanced sacral chakra include timidity, attachment issues, feelings of shame and guilt, neediness, mistrust, hypersensitivity, disconnection from others and yourself, pessimism, depression, sexual dysfunction, reproductive challenges and fear of change.

How do we balance the 2nd chakra?

The 2nd chakra can be beautifully balanced by activities like dancing, practicing hip-opening yoga postures and toning up the lower abdominal muscles, as well as letting go of all emotional luggage we don’t need to carry, of unhealthy emotions, people and memories.

Visualizing a bright orange color in your lower abdomen for 20 minutes every day activates the sacral chakra as well.

Affirmations such as I am enough, My emotions are balanced, I allow my feelings to move through me and have courage to express them, I am comfortable in my body, I am a sacred being, worthy of love and desirable to others, It is safe to express my sexuality in healthy ways, Relationships are a joy have a strong energy -balancing effect.

Remember to trust you are enough, loved and worthy of the best life experiences.