Gratitude And The Law Of Attraction

A lot has been discussed about the law of attraction, according to which, in order to achieve your goal, your dream, you need to see it happening, to feel it, to experience it in your mind by involving all your senses.

To live as if you already have it. To be enthusiastic about it.

The science behind it is that this process increases your vibrational frequency to a level that will resonate with what you wish to happen. This way, you are bound to achieve your goal.

Due to the higher frequency you’ll find yourself operating at, ideas will keep flowing to you. You’ll know what your next step is towards your target. Your goal will simply pull you towards it like a magnet.

It is a very powerful method that works at an energetic level, where things happen fast.

The question is, how do we get there?

How do we achieve the inner state from which imagining vividly what we want becomes natural and easy?

One thing is certain: we cannot manifest anything from a place of lack, of neediness.
Holding a vivid ideal version of your goal while feeling enthusiastic about it is simply not feasible in a state of discontentment.

The very essential ingredient here is gratitude.

According to author and motivational speaker, the legendary Bob Proctor, the reason most people don’t live their ideal life is simply because they have not found what they really want, they have not discovered their passion.

You can only discover your passion while in a state of inner wellbeing, of rejoicing in the present, which can be most easily achieved through gratitude.

Whether is your cup of hot chocolate or a glass of fresh water, a comfortable bed, a roof on top of your head, your health, your family and friends, the sunshine, the freshness of the air after it rains –you can feel grateful for absolutely anything you have in your life.

So make a practice every morning to start your day by thinking of five things you are grateful for and let the gratitude sink deep in your heart, in the innermost core of your being.

Do this for two weeks and notice a shift which will enable you to feel powerful and confident in manifesting all of your life goals, as the creator of your life that you truly are.