6 Essential Things To Consider To Support Your Healing After A Difficult Diagnosis

After health checks followed by various tests, your worst fears became true: you had received a terrifying diagnosis.

As the world seems to be tumbling down and you cannot help imagining the worst scenarios, you start going through ways of taking care of your condition.
Regardless of what treatment modalities you decide to adopt, the most powerful healing tools are within yourself.

So, what can you do?

1. First of all, by all means, do not freak out.
Not all diagnoses are reliable. Besides, fear and worry have long been proven to weaken the immune system. Why would you do this to yourself?

Worry is a waste of imagination and energy and in the end, it is a choice. We can choose not to worry simply by becoming solution-oriented instead of problem-oriented.

What can you do right now to support your healing? What could be your next step?
Trust your body has the ability to heal. With this trust, your healing has already begun.

2. Pay attention to how you feel physically.
If there is pain or discomfort, where is it located? How intense is the pain from 1 to 10?
Can you accept it and stay with it for just a few minutes? Try to relax with it for a bit.

The body is your friend and is trying to catch your attention, to communicate something to you.
What are the body parts that are not affected by pain? Try to feel grateful for the lack of discomfort in these areas and focus your attention on them as often as you can.

3. Pay attention to your inner state of being.
How do you feel emotionally? Is there something in your life that still needs to be processed? An unresolved life situation, a grudge you are holding toward someone? Something you have not expressed?

Feelings that are not expressed turn into stale, toxic energy that compromises the functionality of your cells. If you find it difficult to communicate your innermost feelings to other people, there are other ways to get them out of your system. Painting and journaling are excellent catharsis tools.

How is your attitude towards yourself? Do you feel good about yourself, about your abilities and achievements, or are you constantly criticizing yourself, beating yourself up for every small mistake you make and constantly think about what you could have done better?

Instantly become your best friend. Focus on your good qualities and trust you are doing great and will do even better.

4. Make peace with the idea of death.
This by no chance means you give up your healing!  It only means you accept death as an essential part of life.

Sooner or later, we will all be leaving our physicality behind and head to other realms.
So, how do you feel about it?  In case the thought creates anxiety in you, ask yourself if you are living your life with presence, passion and enthusiasm.

Are you enjoying most of your day? If not, integrate into your everyday life fun things: spend more time with your family or friends, register to a yoga class, watch an uplifting movie, go for a hike.

Accepting death as a part of life, as the culmination of life itself, removes anxiety and makes life much more enjoyable.

5. Have energy healing sessions
Regardless of the treatment you choose for yourself, complementary energy healing session are always of immense benefit on all levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually and can speed you healing tremendously.

6. Pay attention to the people and relations in your life.
Who is there for you, supporting your growth? Who trusts you, who makes you laugh?
In whose presence do you feel your soul is expanding and in whose presence is your soul shrinking? Choose to be surrounded by people who will support you no matter what.

To your speedy healing!