12 Steps To Reconnect To Your Inner Source Of Abundance

Abundance is the very nature of life and its real substance is spiritual, energetic. Being an expression of life, you, as a human, are meant to reflect this abundance.

Abundance has always existed deep inside of you. It is mainly your accumulated limiting beliefs of what you can or you can’t do, what you can or you can’t have, that has kept you away from it.

Here are 12 steps to reconnect to your inner source of abundance.

1. Acknowledge the spiritual nature of abundance

Abundance is not just about money. There are plenty of multi-millionaires who are lacking time or quality in their relationships, who feel lonely and miserable. Money alone is not a definition of success and abundance. 

What we are ultimately striving for is inner peace, joy and contentment in all areas of our life.  Having all our needs met.

The tendency is to think that we’ll feel this way once we acquire from external sources what we want, but the truth is, the feelings of inner peace and joy are already within us. All we need to do is to reconnect to the resourceful space within us for the abundance to flow freely and enrich all aspects of our life.

2. Let go of limiting beliefs, especially the one telling you that you are not worthy of abundance.

You are a divine being coming from a divine source.  How do you picture in your mind's eye Divinity, or God, or the Universe – however you might be calling It? That's right, abundant, expansive, kind, loving, nourishing. You are a part of It, so these attributes apply to you too! Awaken to the truth of your divine source and essence.

3. Remove toxic bonds

Reclaim your lost energy by completely letting go of everything that has been holding you back so far, whether it is people or toxic situations. 

4. Surround yourself with people who have an abundant mindset

You have the right to choose your environment, to be surrounded by empowering people with healthy, abundant mindsets, and with situations that bring out the best in you. 

5. Forgive

Forgiveness sets you free and releases an enormous amount of precious life energy that has been trapped in you so far by grudges and resentments. You do not deserve to be imprisoned by feelings that ultimately work against you by keeping your vibration low. Forgive, let go and set yourself free.  

6. Practice gratitude

The energy of gratitude is not only highly vibrational and healing: it also opens unknown doors. Gratitude increases the abundance in your life.

Every morning when you wake up think of 5 things you are grateful for. It could be anything from having a roof on top of your head to someone special in your life, or your morning coffee. Notice the shift you experience and allow yourself to bathe yourself for minutes in this wonderful state.

Do the same every evening before going to bed.

Practice this for 3 weeks and watch what happens. 

7. Have a healthy relationship with money

Acknowledge the fact that money is neither good nor bad. It is just a symbol of exchange.

In Roman times, and throughout the Middle Ages, salt was a valuable commodity and a symbol of exchange also referred to as "white gold”. The Romans soldiers were partly paid in salt. This is where the word ‘salary’ comes from.

We need to see money for what it is.

Appreciate every single penny that comes your way and see it as a symbol of your upcoming abundance.


8. Give out with happiness and love

Whenever you give something away, feel happy about the one who is benefiting from it.

It doesn’t need to be money. It could be things you don’t need any longer which someone else can use, it could be quality time, inviting someone for a tea, sharing your skills, giving a compliment or reconnecting with an old friend.

Feel gratitude for having the opportunity to become a channel of abundance.


9. Focus on your unique strengths

You have far more to offer than you think you do. Identify your strengths and write them down one by one. Don’t be modest!

How could you use your strengths best to help people or solve a problem in society?

Your contribution is needed, and the gifts you have to offer are unique.


10. Commit to your goals by taking each day at least a small step in the direction of your dreams

While some days you’ll feel a surge of enthusiasm when progressing towards your goals,  occasionally you might have moments of doubt or feel low. This is normal. Have patience and do not beat yourself up for it. Soon, you’ll be up again!

What is essential is to take some action, no matter how small, regardless of how you feel. Writing an email, making a short plan, reading a relevant piece of information will suffice on such days.

 The crucial factor here is persisting, progressing, letting your energy flow. This way you are guaranteed to stay on your path.  


11. Monetise your skills and passions

Everyone has something valuable to offer. No-one has lived the exact life you have lived, had the exact same experiences that have shaped you to be exactly who you are today.

No one so far has the same knowledge acquired the exact way you have acquired it.

Trust the value of your potential services and also trust that you deserve to be rewarded for them.


12. Celebrate every little success of becoming reconnected to your inner abundance

Have you touched someone’s life in a meaningful way today? Made someone smile? Given someone one hour of quality time? Feel happy and grateful you had this amazing opportunity to make a difference. The situation helped you towards your goal of becoming a channel of abundance.