The Secret in You: Wonders of Energy Healing for Optimal Health and Abundance Level 1


One-On-One teaching

Intense, hands-on two-day seminar taking you through the most important aspects of Energy Healing. Infused with energy transmissions, plenty of practical exercises and life-transforming experiences. 

Duration: 12 hours (4 weeks 3h weekly, 3 weeks 4h weekly or 2 full days)


- The reality and definition of healing
- The science behind Energy Healing method
- Becoming a channel and a catalyst for healing: what it takes. The number 1 essential prerequisite of all.
- Experiencing and moving energy – fun and efficient ways
- Powerful modalities to increase our energy level and healing potential
- Opening and balancing energy centers/chakras
- Highly effective modalities of healing: hands-on
- Self-healing
- Distance Healing and Science. Two powerful ways of Distance Healing. Working on holograms.
- Healing every aspect of our lives using energy: clear communication, enlightened relationships and successful careers
- Attracting wealth and abundance with energy work. The spiritually and science of abundance.