6 Things to Let Go of to Live a Happier Life

Sometimes happiness is not about bringing more things into our lives, but rather a side effect of simply letting go, of decluttering and simplifying, thus making more space in which the gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us at all times can blossom.

So here are six things to let go of to live a happier life:

1. Worries about the future

Imagination is a very precious tool that should be used for you, not against you.
Never imagine anything you do not wish to bring into your reality.

2. Thinking about how the past could have unfolded differently

Everything that happened, was meant to happen exactly as it did. There is a lesson in everything and there's something enriching in every experience.

2. People who have an image of you that is frozen in time

You are the architect and master of your life. You are an ever-evolving individual, and your past has no power over you.
People who have an image of you that is frozen in time will start digging up your past when they can't find anything wrong with your present life, when your progress is too much for them to bear.
They'll bring up outdated, irrelevant aspects of you from your past simply to justify to themselves their inability to join you in your bliss, to connect with you on a higher level.
Let them go.

3. Comparisons

Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. There hasn't been anyone like you before, and there will never be anyone like you ever after.

4. Grudges

Why carry a heavy chain around your neck when you can be free?
How much more do you need to love and appreciate yourself in order for what the other did not to affect you negatively any longer?

5. Needing others to accept or understand you

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
When you are connected to your inner source of stillness and abundance, you discover the natural, inborn confidence that cannot be taken away regardless of what everyone else thinks of you.